June 22, 2024
Best Way To Carry Out cylinder engraving: Experts’ Tips

Best Way To Carry Out cylinder engraving: Experts’ Tips

The process of cylinder engraving is not as difficult as most people would think. In fact, it is just a straightforward process, only that you need to learn a few important things that make it easy. The good thing is that there are no technicalities in the engraving process since technology has made things quite easy.

So how do you do cylinder engraving and ensure that you have maintained the best quality? Well, there are a few things that you need to consider. Here are tips that experts have shared regarding the process of cylinder engraving:

Engraving Image

The cylinder engraving start with understanding what you need to engrave. This is the image that needs to be printed. You need to understand the image, including all aspects, such as the size of the image and also the clarity required. This will determine the size of the poles made on the cylinder.

cylinder Size

With the image available and properly reviewed, you need to understand whether you have the cylinders that match it. This is one of the areas that most people get it wrong. You need to have the correct cylinder size for the engraving to be accurate. So make sure that you have the correct cylinder size.

Engraving Machine

The other most important factor when it comes to cylinder engraving is the engraving machine. There are all kinds of engraving machines, including laser and electronic engravers, to select from. But what is important is to ensure the machine can produce the right engraving power. Therefore, you need to be very selective.

Keep The Cylinder Clean

The other important thing after getting all the fundamentals right is the condition of the cylinder. It must be clean. If had used it before, make sure that it has been cleaned of the residual inks from the previous printing. The cylinder must be sparkling clean before the engraving can be started.

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