June 22, 2024
Main Advantages of Warm Extrusion Over Cold Forging

Main Advantages of Warm Extrusion Over Cold Forging

Warm extrusion is one of the forging methods that stands between cold and hot forging. The technique does not work on billets at room temperature, not crystallization temperature. It simply requires the metal to be slightly heated.

When compared to cold forging, there many potential advantages that warm forging has over this forging process. These are the reasons why it is increasingly popular in the market. Below are some of the major benefits that come with warm forging when compared to cold forging.

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Reduced Tooling Loads

One of the biggest benefits that come with warming forging billet is reducing the tooling loads. You will find out that cold forging requires a lot of tools to carry out the forging process. That will not be the case for warm forging because there is something in cold forging you will not need in warm forging. A good example of tools you won’t need are tools for heat treatment. This simply means a cheaper cost of investment.

Reduced Forging Press Loads

The other advantage that warm forging has over cold forging is the reduced forging press loads. The heating of the metal slug to temperatures slightly below crystallization makes it easier to forge the billet. The amount of pressing that would be needed for forging the metal was significantly reduced. Therefore, you will be spending less on the press equipment.

Increased Steel Ductility

The other advantage that comes with warm forging is the increased ductility of the forged steel. Ductility is one of the crucial elements of forged parts. You need to need forgings that offer good ductility to withstand the tress they are exposed to when working. A good example is mining bits, trenching teeth, or even grinder teeth. They are exposed to a lot of stress, and thus increased ductility will make them more effective.

Elimination Annealing

The other advantage of warm forging is the removal of the annealing step in the forging process. This is the heating process that is done to the cold forging parts to improve their mechanical properties. The annealing process enhances the mechanical properties of the forging parts. It means the forgings strong and harder, making it possible to withstand demanding conditions. The heating process is already covered for you.