June 22, 2024
Steps to Follow When Sharpening Mulching Knives

Steps to Follow When Sharpening Mulching Knives

For anything used in cutting, it is essential to sharpen them regularly to avoid inconvenience while at work. Blunt mulching knives also need sharpening to work correctly. To prevent any hazards, mulching teeth sharpening needs to be well organized. And also to avoid misplacement of some tools.

This article looks at some critical easy steps to follow before starting sharpening. Though some may ignore these steps, they must be adhered to for the sake of protection.

  1. Set-Up the Work Space

The first thing to do before sharpening is to set up the area. Grinders are used to sharpen mulching knives, and a conducive environment is needed. For example, a moist workspace with diesel wastes may cause a fire outbreak. A slippery workspace is dangerous because the person sharpening may accidentally fall on those knives

  1. Remove the Spark Plug

The next step is to remove the spark plug to avoid accidentally starting the machine while you are busily disjointing the knives from the head. This step is also essential, especially when fixing the blades back. Mulching knives are very dangerous, and touching your body while starting is very harmful.

  1. Remove Knives from Mulching Head

Before sharpening the mulching knives, the next step is to remove the mulching knives from the mulching head. Knives are joined to the mulching head using screws, and it is hard to sharpen the mulching knives while they are still bound to the mulching head. This step is done when the above previous steps are done to avoid screws disappearance.

  1. Sharpen the Knives

After all the above steps are done, it is sharpening time now. Sharpening the mulching knives is not hard. However, there are essential factors to consider, such as setting the blade to the grinder. The knives must be placed at an appropriate angle, mostly 120 degrees from the grinder. While you are sharpening, use cold water for the cooling and use it after the sharpening process to avoid distortion of the mulching knives shapes.

  1. Blow Off Dust

Removing the dust is the last step after your mulching knives are fully sharpened. Blowing off the dust is done using compressed air. The air compressor leaves the knives clean. After blowing the dust off, make sure to coat the mulching knives with oil to avoid rusting. Now it is safe to join each blade to the mulching head. To read more about mulching knives: learn here